Housing BeneFITs

In 2009, Families in Transition established Housing BeneFITs, a Community Based Housing Development Organization (CHDO), in response to encouragement from both the City of Manchester and the New Hampshire Housing and Finance Authority.

Housing BeneFITs is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to improve quality of life for low- and moderate-income residents by increasing the supply and quality of affordable housing in New Hampshire.

To accomplish this mission, the organization carries out three principle activities:

  1. Develop and manage decent, safe, and code-abiding housing that is affordable to low- and moderate-income tenants;
  2. research emerging and “best practice” approaches to housing for low- and moderate-income tenants as well as special needs populations; and
  3. provide community training and outreach regarding this research.

By increasing the supply of affordable housing, Housing BeneFITs works to alleviate one of the most significant causes of homelessness in New Hampshire.

Community Based Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs)

CHDOs are nonprofit organizations that work to develop affordable housing in their communities. As part of an initiative begun by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the early 1990s, nonprofits that qualify as CHDOs have access to funds specifically allocated for the development of affordable housing.

Housing BeneFITs is overseen by an engaged and knowledgeable Board of Directors. For a complete list of board members, click here.