Oddfellows Road Housing (Concord)
Families in Transition strives to provide our residents with a meaningful connection to their community and a true sense of home. FIT offers clean, safe, affordable living to the many residents who come to call FIT home.

Families in Transition offers the following housing programs in the City of Concord:

Transitional Housing (10 units) for homeless single women and single mothers with children. Participants reside in independent housing units for a period of 18-24 months, during which time they receive comprehensive supportive services to help them attain and maintain long term housing stability.

Permanent Supportive Housing (6 units) for single women and single mothers with children. Heads of households in this program must have a documented disability. Participants receive comprehensive social services enabling them to remain permanently housed.

Community Program (16 units) FIT provides comprehensive services to 13 chronically homeless individuals and 3 homeless families located in the Concord community.  FIT partners with local landlords to find housing and provides tenants with social services to ensure that they remain stably housed.

*The current wait for housing with Families in Transition is approximately 6-9 months.

Families in Transition may not be able to assist some individuals. If you have questions about your eligibility, please call the Intake Coordinator. Make sure that you have proper documentation (see required paperwork here) and contact the Intake Coordinator at [email protected] or 603-641-9441 for application information.