Families in Transition strives to provide our residents with a meaningful connection to their community and a true sense of home. We offer clean, safe, affordable living to the many residents who come to call FIT home.

Families in Transition has a purchase and sale agreement on a property in the Town of Wolfeboro

Transitional Family Housing (7 bedrooms) – Families in Transition was invited to come to Wolfeboro by concerned community members in order to provide temporary housing and services to the local families in need of assistance.  The “Hope House” will provide transitional housing to 5-7 families at any one time.  Services provided by FIT will include 24/7 on-site staff to address specific needs for each family, such as transportation, case management, meals and employment.

The average length of stay will be 60 days until family transitions to more permanent housing. It is anticipated to house 43 parents and 84 children per year.

Learn more about The Hope House, homelessness in Carroll County, and our supporters here.